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Can Hair Dryers Damage Our Scalp



When you rush out with wet hairs it feels pretty awkward walking in the public and even moving out of your home might look uncivilized to you. In such cases, having a hair dryer looks like the biggest relief you might have ever got. These hair dryers blow off your hair quickly and get your wet hairs back on the track of looking beautiful and stunning.

Right now, you might think of thousand reasons why your hair dryers are the most stunning piece of technology you might have seen. You might consider your hair dryers the root cause of you looking beautiful at some events. But, have you ever considered the bad effects of using a hairdryer in the long run.

Having lesser and weaker hair growth might be some of these effects caused by using your hairdryers daily. In fact, according to some of the medical sources, using hair dryers daily might result in making your hairs weaker and thinner in appearance. This might result in excessive hair loss and weakened scalp.

Moisture Loss Due to Hair Dryers

Regardless of how much you love your hair dryers, you are likely to face these bad effects one day. So, it is better not to use these tools to blow your hairs and try to create a stunning look for a short run. As any other heating devices, these hair dryers can dry up the moisture content present in your hairs and scalp. Any loss of the natural moisture content in your hair can lead to easy tearing of your hairs.

Creates Open Root Hair Spaces

Open root hair spaces are the root cause of weak and damaged hairs and using hair dryers can accelerate the creation of these spaces. Without going much into the medical side let’s learn the basic things. Whenever your hairs are wet, the water content is present in between your hair roots and scalp. Using heating devices (most commonly hair dryers) heats up the water causing evaporation effect. This makes the water present in your scalp to push your hair roots upwards and come out to evaporate.

This effect completely removes some of your hairs out of the scalp while some of them get weakened as compared to before. Also, people usually rub their hairs against towels after drying up their hairs with these hair dryers. Alongside, hair dryers rubbing your hairs across towel in a vigorous way contributes to damaging your hairs.

Preventions to Take For Healthy Hairs

People usually want things to be a bit quicky but instead, hairs are a vital and delicate part of our body. Every heating device including hair dryers causes loss of natural strength of hairs. Avoiding these external devices and letting the hairs to dry naturally is the best way one can protect their hairs.

At the same time, a comb is usually a two-sided tool with a thick and one sharp side. Using thick side is usually recommended as the sharp side usually peeps into your scalp deep inside and breaks some of the hairs. This might cause excessive hair loss in short as well as long run.

Keeping your wet hairs away from sunlight and other heating sources can make a drastic change. Also, you can go on for applying oils on your scalp after your hairs dry naturally.

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