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6 Best Tips to Make 6 Pack At Home (Fast)



Having six packs sounds really interesting but doing that at home sounds like something not possible in real world. One of the best parts of having a six pack is that it makes you look slim. Last winter when I followed a tremendously working schedule to lose weight in winters, I searched the internet for some ways to make 6 pack abs at home. But, unfortunately, I landed with a few tips that really worked but at a damn slow speed.

But, I decided to try some of my own ways and unfortunately, some of them flopped but luckily some of them worked more than anything. And they worked so well that now I am one of those who can proudly say that I have six pack abs that too made at home.

So, I decided to share my personal tips to make 6 pack abs at home that practically work so that you don’t have to repeat what I did. Anyway, in this article, you will look at some of the ways that practically work for everyone.

Make Six Pack Abs Easily at Home

Don’t worry if this will work for you or not as before writing these tips for you I have tried the same on 3 of my friends and it worked well every time. So, this will work for you as well regardless of what your body is like or whatever reason you can possibly think off. Here are some of the practical tips that will get your 6 packs on track very quickly.

1. Start Eating Healthy And More Food

Foodstuff that is rich in vitamins, proteins, etc are the most important things that you can’t ignore if you admire to have six packs or even more. These things help you build heavy muscles in your body and they also make you healthy and help you digest fats.

I have seen many people who think that being slim is the key to make six packs. Instead, eat enough food that makes your tummy a little bit fat as you need fats that will, later on, get converted into packs. Also, consuming healthy fruits as they are very useful in making you fit. Some examples of such fruits can be Jackfruit, Banana, etc. You might wanna read about the amazing benefits of Jackfruit.

2. Start Pull Ups at Home

Most people see pull-ups as a very hard exercise and keep it for the future part. But, they completely forget that future development will come when you will move forward and in order to move forward you need pull-ups. Therefore, you need to start pull-ups from day 1 regardless of the number count. You can start it with a minimal number of just 5 pull ups/day and increase it accordingly.

But, don’t completely ignore it as its very important to get started. Believe me, when I started doing pull-ups I started watching the initial pack cuts within 2 and a half weeks. I also believe you will notice it too and that too very shortly as in my case.

3. Straighten Your Arm on Ground For 5 Minutes Daily

exercise to make 6 packs

Credits: Buckley Air Force Base

When I started trying this part I thought it would be the easiest one of them all and wouldn’t affect much. But, you don’t underestimate as I did earlier as it is really fantastic part of the workout. This exercise helped me improve my packs by more than 57% and that’s not something very bad.

But, as I thought it would be an easy exercise, it wasn’t up to my expectations at all. In fact, this exercise is one of the most painful ones regardless of it looking easy. Ya, it looks pretty easy but try it yourself and you can’t resist it more than a minute or two. For this, you can do this exercise for a minute or two for about two to three times a day.

4. Dip 30 Times Daily

Honestly, speaking dips are very important in your exercises as without them you can’t actually get better pack shapes. Imagine you have an abnormally shaped pack that you can’t expose in front of your friend or maybe a girlfriend. There’s no fun in getting such packs and to avoid these dips are the way.

Dips help you straighten and align your packs in order to give them the best possible look. Also, they tighten your muscles which has two sub benefits. One being it makes it feel pretty good and aligned and two it helps you enhance your packs even more.

5. Consume More Milk Products

The more you consume the more you will be benefited but remember always avoid packed and oily food. Instead, consume more nutrient rich and milk rich diet as they are the best. Consuming more milk products can never be out of the list.

I personally consumed more milk products and it helped me getting good results and probably one of the best results I ever had. Milk products ensure you many things such as good health, good digestion, more proteins, more calcium. What can be better than such an item and if you consume more milk made items you are probably on the right track.

6. Start Home Run Schedule & Play Games

Sometimes, people feel uncomfortable to go out and run outside and if you don’t feel then its probably the best. But, if you feel so then you can start home run schedule which is to run at your home for a fixed period daily. This period can be around half an hour or maybe bigger than this. Running will help you get 6 packs even faster than the time it is gonna take otherwise.

Also, games can make your workout even more effective and faster. And if you can play games such as football, then its the best. Try playing games which are related to running more and resting less. These will surely help you build 6 pack abs faster and at that too at home.

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