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How Does Smoking Cigarettes Makes You Addictive (Stay Away)



Smoking is injurious to health and it has a countless number of bad effects on our body. We see adults and nowadays even teenagers smoking cigarettes, etc even after knowing the health hazards smoking can cause. Many of these people are even willing to quit smoking but they are never able to do that. If someone is able to quit smoking then it’s probably one in a million. But, after all, what does smoking do to your body that even after knowing it’s bad effects people can’t resist to smoke all the way.

What Do Cigarettes Do to Your Body

Actually, all of you might be aware of the fact that cigarettes are made up of by using nicotine. It is a very harmful as well as an addictive drug and is very fast in action. After being inhaled nicotine is believed to start producing its effects on the body within 15 seconds. Whenever a person inhales cigarette for the first time, nicotine starts affecting the person’s body within 15 seconds.

Nicotine produces certain substances also known as the nicotine chain. This chain is not very long lasting and ends up very quickly. But, before the chain completely ends nicotine sends signals to the brain demanding to extend this chain so it does not end. This doesn’t let the person who smoked earlier to stay calm without having that drug again and this phenomenon forces the person to smoke cigarettes again.

Many people also make up their minds to quit smoking but land up being unsuccessful in completing this goal. This is because nicotine being one of the most dangerous drugs captures on your mind till you plan to quit. In fact, if you stop smoking then you might suffer from depression, maybe vomiting in your early days. This makes the goal seekers weak in their motivation and most of them start to smoke again.

Increased Sleeping Pleasure Makes People Addictive

People who start smoking feel very depressed as they want to leave smoking but at the same time are bound to it and are not able to leave. They feel like sleeping all day in order to stay away from all the tension and conflict between their minds. Cigarettes contain certain harmful chemicals like Methyl Ethyl Ketone and Resorcinol. These chemicals cause irritation in person’s eyes which force the person to sleep.

The sleeping phenomenon results in a feeling of pleasure in mind and the smoker wants to have this pleasure throughout their day. This creates a funnel and people starts to smoke often in order to feel this pleasure as much as possible. This sometimes even results in bad effects such as sleeping sickness.

Increases Relaxation For Quick Period of Time

People usually feel tensed in their busy lives and try finding many ways they can use to relax their brains. Luckily every tensed person has a great option they can use and get relaxed within seconds and the option is “CIGARETTES“. Smoking cigarettes make your body get relaxed within 10 seconds of starting to inhale smoke. That’s a quick period of time.

This seems easy to every person and hence every person prefer smoking than overburdening their heads with tension. But, in reality, smoking makes you relaxed for some time but after some time, it increases the tension even more than the normal. This forces the person to smoke even more often as they smoke cigarettes every time they start feeling that tension again.

Fact: If you motivate and control yourself from smoking and consuming cigarettes. It would take up to 21 days before you decrease the strong feeling of smoking and quit smoking forever.

Summary: Nicotin and other pleasure effects are the main cause behind a person getting addicted to smoking cigarettes. If cigarette companies remove nicotine from them, the people smoking cigarettes will decrease significantly.

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